MTV is a joke (Warning: Offensive Content)

MTV is a joke… The TV station that revolutionized the way we consume music is now a complete joke. I am not babbling on about MTV devolving into a cesspool of reality television. This is not the time for that. Take a look at this video from earlier today (WARNING: Some may find it offensive). Okay, it’s a racy MTV […]

Pokémon No

Friday evening, I was waiting in my vehicle outside of the Perry County Public Library with my windows rolled down. My air conditioning isn’t functioning right now so I have to do that to keep from dying a swift death in the summer heat. I had my phone out fiddling around with it while I […]

We don’t feel safe

We live in a world where we don’t trust anyone. Waking up and seeing all the alerts on my phone Sunday morning about 20 people shot dead in a gay nightclub was a sobering experience. We were on vacation and it made it hard to really enjoy the first big trip for our little family. […]

A fresh start…

This is what feels like the millionth time I’ve wiped out my website and started from scratch. 2015 was a big year for my family. Make sure to stop by and check out how things are going with the Lyttle family and my quest to regularly maintain a website.

Finding humor in the hate

I got some hate mail today at work. You read that correctly. I, the assignment editor, got some hate mail. Here are the pictures to prove it. I could’ve gotten upset about it, but I couldn’t stop laughing about it all day. Here’s the transcription (sans the grammatical and spelling errors). “Who in the hell […]

2014 > 2013

Why my 2014 is going to be better than my 2013: It’s that time of the year again… Everyone is talking about what they’re going to do differently for the next year. The people down at the pavilion and the YMCA are all getting excited because they know they’re going to get blown up by […]