Are you really living life?

Are you really living life to the fullest if you’re watching it happen on a 4.7-inch screen? And no, this isn’t a post about the wonders of large cell phones.

A while back, I saw the picture at the top of this post and it really resonated with me. It shows some folks at a movie premiere watching Johnny Depp make an appearance and there’s a little, old lady in the front row who looks to be the only person not trying to capture the moment on a cell phone. I get it. People want to take pictures and videos to remember things or share them on social media. But are we doing it at the expense of our own experiences?

Fast-forward a few months and I found myself in the front row at a WWE Live show. As a wrestling fan, it was incredible to be that close to the action. I shot a bunch of videos and had a great time, but one video got the best of me. I was trying to get a shot of the crowd getting into the event and I missed the big finish of a match. It wasn’t the end of the world, but while trying to capture the moment I removed myself from the experience and missed out. Immediately, I thought of the old lady at that movie premiere. While staring at a screen, I didn’t take my opportunity to live in the moment.

My favorite musical artist is John Mark McMillan. My wife and I took a trip down to Knoxville a few weeks ago and I made sure to enforce what I learned from the mistakes made at the prior live experience. I left my phone in the car. I enjoyed the concert with no distractors, laughed at the guy in front of me that was way too into NEEDTOBREATHE and had a great time.

So there is your advice from Nathan for the day. Live some (preferably most) of your life without a phone in your hand. It was a breath of fresh air for me.