NXT Live: Louisville, Ky

NXT came to Broadbent Arena Saturday night for a fun night of wrestling in Kentucky. Fans of NXT are hardcore wrestling fans that always make their presence felt. There was a lot of chants from the crowd and some great wrestling to go with it.

Now for the card!

  • Now Way Jose defeats Hugo Knox

No Way Jose should open up every WWE show from now on. The guy just knows how to get a crowd going. There wasn’t much to this match, but it served its purpose.

  • Andrade “Cien” Almas defeats Wesley Blake

Blake has been repackaged as Wesley “The Beautiful Blonde” Blake. New music, new clothes and no Murphy or Alexa. The crowd kept chanting “Where is Murphy?” and ended up inciting a promo from Blake about how he doesn’t need Murphy. Almas did some flippy stuff and had a spot where he posed in the ropes. Fun match.

  • Bayley defeats Alexa Bliss

Bayley got a big time pop and the crowd chanted for her the whole match. Some fans chanted “Bayley hug him” and a guy (plus others) ran down to the barricade and caught a hug from the former champ. Bayley pulled out “The Worm” a la Scotty 2 Hotty and won after hitting her signature.

  • Hideo Itami defeated Angelo Dawkins

Itami got a big reaction and the crowd was dead on Dawkins. There were a couple “CM Punk” chants because the crowd wanted to see the GTS. They didn’t get to see it, but Hideo won and everyone was happy.

  • The Revival (tag champs) defeats American Alpha

We have seen these guys go at it before, and it has not disappointed. This was no exception. It was a great, long match with a lot of near falls. Alpha hit several of their tandem spots and Jordan got a great hot tag. Alpha hit their finisher but Dash got Dawson’s foot on the rope. Gable got rolled up afterward for the three-count. It may have been a dirty pin with a handful of tights, but I didn’t have a good look at it from where I was standing.

  • Asuka (women’s champ) defeats Billie Kay

Billie Kay was kind of awkward, but nowhere as bad as Eva Marie. She will do fine if they give her some time. There were some trolls in the crowd that kept chanting for Billie Kay and I think it confused her. Asuka got the choke for the win.

  • American Alpha, Balor, Nakamura, Bayley defeats The Revival, Joe, Roode, Alexa Bliss

This was billed as Balor/Nakamura vs Joe/Roode, but Nakamura got attacked during Finn’s entrance and things escalated. Eventually it evolved into a 10-man tag match that was fun, but I kind of wanted to see the traditional tag match. The match turned out to be a fun one with everybody getting some spots in. The finish got the crowd off their feet when Bayley hit Roode with her finisher before Nakamura finished him off.

  • Curtain call

Finn gave a speech and teased that he may get called up in the draft. This is only the 923,908,965th time he has teased a main roster debut, but you have to think this is his time to go. Bayley was also in the ring with him to end the night. Are they both gone? We’ll find out Tuesday.

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