UPDATED: Gear List

I found out the hard way that you can only go so far as a guitarist when your gear consists of a ‘Synsonics’ strat copy and a ‘Leem’ solid-state amp.

Don’t get me wrong – I played with those bad boys for a few years and you would have been lucky to pry them from my hands when I was in High School, but move on up to a nicer guitar (preferably made in ‘Murica) and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Here is my current gear rundown.

Guitar A – One of a kind! The neck is from a 1996 50th anniversary american standard strat.
The body is from an american ash hardtail strat (not sure of the year). Natural finish on the body.
Three high-output single-coil Dimarzio pickups.

Guitar B – 1998 Les Paul Studio.
Everything on it is stock. Wine red finish (not purple – like everyone says).
My dad got it for me when I was in high school and I let it go for some much needed cash after I got married.
I’ll explain how I got it back next.

Acoustic A – 1974 Gibson J-45 – I had to do some trading and spend some money on this bad boy, but it was worth it to snag one of my dream guitars. This was brought to working order by Master Luthier Doug Naselroad from the Artisan’s Center in Hindman, Kentucky. Doug is a wizard and I recommend anyone to stop by his shop on Main Street to hang out for a little while.

Acoustic B – 2014 Breedlove Black Magic Revival – Great guitar. I had some issues with the stock pickup and preamp, but I installed a LR Baggs M1A in the sound hole. It does the trick and works well with by LR Baggs Para-DI.

Line 6 HD500x – I used to swear off the digital stuff, but I switched to this thing and I honestly don’t see myself ever buying another big tube amp to run alongside a plethora of pedals. This thing goes straight into any sound system and the folks out front would never guess I was playing through anything but a tube amp. I use Lincoln Brewster’s main patch as a base for my sound, but I’ve tweaked it just a little bit to suit my needs.

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