A rebuttal to “Dear Fat Pastors…”

“If what I wrote bothers you, maybe look at your own life.”

That’s the response I was met with when trying to debate with one of my fellow keyboard warriors (The Dirty Christian) on Facebook. I’ve yet to change anyone’s mind in an internet debate yet, but I’ll call this one a “win” if I can take the opportunity to shed some light on another problem that we all need to take a look at.

I read this blog post that this dude reposted after the topic of gluttony came up on his page. Honestly, I think gluttony is a sin that is overlooked by the church and I actually touched on that a few weeks ago during our young adults group. Gluttony is a sin that is especially personal to me because I dealt with it for years without giving it a second thought.

For a long time (too long), I lived a gluttonous life when it came to the food I ate. What struck a chord with me while reading this blog  was the fact that I was gluttonous for years while I was SKINNY! I kept my weight in check with my teenage/early 20’s metabolism and staying active. Now, a few years into being fat (I openly admit it), I’m actually not living a gluttonous lifestyle, but the weight isn’t coming off like I would like. So my attempt at a debate was to let this guy know “Hey, not all fat people are gluttonous” and bring the attention to another issue: you can’t tell what someone struggles with by simply looking at them.

When met with the response of “If what I wrote bothers you, maybe look at your own life,” I did just that. It was easy for me. I was actually in the middle of lunch. So while this guy was in the process of telling me that my problem with his stance against gluttony was that I was probably gluttonous, all I had to do was look down and see what was for lunch. Here’s what I saw.


Don’t everyone stone me all at once for this sinful lunch I had.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve been eating healthy for a long time. This is the end of my third week of taking control of my diet and I have dropped about six pounds so far. It’s going really slow, but as I continue eating this way and pickup some better habits on the exercising front, I’m confident I will look and feel healthy.

Never assume you know what someone deals with by looking at them. For years, I hid gluttony with exercise and depression with a smile.

Don’t fall for it.