Finding humor in the hate

I got some hate mail today at work.
You read that correctly. I, the assignment editor, got some hate mail.
Here are the pictures to prove it.
I could’ve gotten upset about it, but I couldn’t stop laughing about it all day.
Here’s the transcription (sans the grammatical and spelling errors).
“Who in the hell ever told you that you can sing. No one cares enough to tell you to stop making a fool of yourself.
The national anthem, really? They should get you for treason.
Why don’t you shut up and stick with music?
Everyone will be happy.
Nobody can tell what you say anyway.
You aren’t just your biggest fan, you’re your only fan.”

I had a flashback to the day that someone decided to drop my name on the intellectual hotbed known as topix last year – only I did a lot more laughing this time.Let me point out the funny things I found in this.1.) I have only sang the national anthem solo in public ONE time in my entire life. That’s right, folks. I’ve only done it once. I worked courtside for the entire WYMT Mountain Classic this year. The girl singing the anthem one night came down with the flu and I offered to do it at the last minute for fun. Here’s the funny part… that was in JANUARY. Yep! Evidently my rendition of The Star Spangled Banner was so bad that it has eaten away at this man/woman for three months until they finally said “Enough is enough – I’m sending Mr. Lyttle a letter”.

2.) This was on a GREETING CARD. A piece of paper would not do for this person to express their hate for my singing. They went down to Wal-Mart and dropped $3.89 (per the price on the back) plus postage to tell me how bad that I sucked.

3.) The card originally said “with special thanks” on the front of it. Well, obviously this person wasn’t thankful for my contributions to their ears. They decided that they would scratch out that so I wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

Maybe this is an April Fool’s prank that got mailed out a little late, but nonetheless I’ve found it hilarious and laughed about it all day. If I really sang that bad, I’m sorry.

If this is really in response to my singing the national anthem – then they’ve probably got some deeper issues that they need to work out.

Haters gonna hate!


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