Don’t be “That Christian”


I came across an article several people had shared on facebook today and it made my stomach turn a little bit. It was about a little 8-year old girl and her desire to write about Jesus being thwarted by a teacher. I think it made a lot of Christian’s stomachs turn, but not for the same reason as mine did.

Here is the article.

First! There are big bold red marks on the picture, which is assumed by everyone reading to be a picture of the assignment that is in question. “F”, “Remove Jesus Please!” and slashes through the word “Jesus” stood out. I thought to myself that it was a little overzealous for a teacher.

Second! The child is question is supposed to be 8-years old. The handwriting and sentences she was writing looked to be pretty advanced for someone of that age.

Third! They actually cited the news organization that originally reported the story (WECT).

So, feeling a little skeptical, I stroll on over to the WECT website and look up the story. Here it is.


Lo and behold, there was a DIFFERENT picture that looked more on par with the work of an 8-year old. No red marks, no “F” and no notes from the teacher. According to the WECT, the girl’s parent says the teacher asked the child to write about something else and the school responded and said that it wasn’t true. Only God, the teacher and the little girl know the truth at this point.

Make no bones about it – the girl should be allowed to write about Jesus – but this is a classic example of the end NOT justifying the means. Somewhere between this story being reported by a news organization and it hitting the blogosphere, someone added a picture that made the story more “likeable” and “shareable” on facebook.

I could rant about this one for a while, but I’ll relent after the following statement.

If you want to be taken seriously… don’t try to deceive people.

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