Finding God at John C. Combs Arena

Last night was a long one for fans of the Perry County Central Commodores…

I’ve not missed a big game since I started playing in the pep band for my alma mater in middle school. I can quote you numbers, tell you stories and I have a really vivid memories of the highest and lowest moments since I started following the Commodores – but it’s nights like last night that I connect with the situation on a spiritual level.

Yesterday night I watched as the Commodores were on the winning side of the scoreboard for 30 minutes of a 32-minute game and ended up losing in the waning minutes. After the buzzer sounded, the fans walked to their cars as quickly as possible, most of them mumbling about referees and thinking about what could have been. The kids hung their heads as they shook hands and walked back to the locker room for the last time this year, some of them for the last time ever. You’ve got kids that have identified themselves as ‘basketball players’ ever since they were old enough to put on their biddy league t-shirt and run with a ball in their hand on six-foot goals.

I know a lot of you probably don’t get into sports, let alone follow high school basketball in the 14th Region with the vigor that I do, but there are some deep spiritual parallels to behold if you look hard enough.

What do you identify with?
Will it one day come to an end?
What will your legacy be when it’s over?

Take some time to think about it…

And while you do, reference these verses (Revelation 12:10-12) and check out John Mark McMillan’s new album while you’re at it as well. It’s a good jam!

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