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Why my 2014 is going to be better than my 2013:

It’s that time of the year again…

Everyone is talking about what they’re going to do differently for the next year. The people down at the pavilion and the YMCA are all getting excited because they know they’re going to get blown up by people swearing to change their lazy ways this January. I need to lose a few (or fifty) pounds myself and I’m going to work on that in 2014, but that’s not what I resolve to do this next year. I’ve actually got a head start on my resolution and I think it may be my best one yet.

My wife and I have a general routine when we wind down in the evenings. We lay on the couch, watch TV and play on our phones. Typically, Tiffany plays on her phone for about 15-20 minutes then puts it down to tell me to get off of mine. We’ll put our phones off to the side and won’t pay them attention until one of them dings and that we will literally (not really) move heaven and earth to see what glorious tidbit one of our Facebook friends had to say on one of our Facebook photos.

That isn’t a routine that I want to continue. I don’t want my kids to grow up with their earliest memories of me being of the fat guy glued to phone. I don’t want to be spending my evenings staying connected to my Facebook friends and Twitter followers while I slowly disconnect from my wife that’s sitting right next to me. This weekend I started putting my phone on the charger when I came in and tiffany and I watched movies without the distraction of my phone. I don’t think she noticed, but yesterday she said “I like watching movies with you” in the middle of the movie. I guarantee you that if I would have been tweeting the whole time she wouldn’t have uttered those words.

In 2014, I promise to put the phone down and connect to the people who are in front of me. What’s your resolution?

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